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Location: 3925 Farnam Street | Omaha, NE

Contact: brad@iwenexposures.com

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Omaha wedding photography and videography. Modern, boutique photography and video studio that creates delightful and inspired products. Based in Omaha, Nebraska but will travel and work with clients all over the country.

About Iwen Exposures

Iwen Exposures is a team of dedicated, professional Omaha wedding photographers and videographers. Every member of the Iwen Exposures team is an artist, but there’s a lot more to it than that. They’re all educated, formally trained, and have spent years honing their craft and developing a unique style that makes their studio stand out from the rest. Every member brings something unique and amazing to the table. Craftsmanship is a very important word to their studio. Their ultimate goal is to produce amazing work and make every one of their clients smile. You’ll be treated like an old friend the minute you step foot into their studio.

Photography and Videography by: Iwen Exposures