Love Story Films: Bring your engagement shoot to life.

Picture it, you’re engaged to be married, you make the announcement and then it happens- the phone calls come in. Family members from all over who you haven’t spoken to want to know the whole story, where did you meet, who is this person, etc. Now, we’re not saying to have the ultimate solution to this predicament, however there is a way to soften the blow.

Love Story Films have been gaining popularity in the wedding circuit over the years, and we think they’re the perfect way to bring life to the classic engagement photo session. Coupling your engagement photos with a Love Story Film will enrich your announcement. Plus, they’re easy to quickly share on social media with your friends and family.

Produced by Iwen Exposures
Produced by Iwen Exposures

In Omaha, Iwen Exposures is known for knocking out of the park when it comes to these films. They spend an afternoon with the couple, shooting video of them spending time with each other, record a short interview of both and after a bit of post production, they have a beautiful short film telling their love story.

Their cinematic style and attention to detail when it comes to the production are an incomparable value. With 20 years of photography and videography experience in the Omaha metro, you’re guaranteed to love the product. Check them out.

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