Dwayne + Yolanda’s Epic Holland Center Wedding

Love prevails, always.

Dwayne Harris was a former Nebraska Football player, and played for Tampa Bay, and he has two daughters (whom were members of the bridal party). He and Yolanda Smith had been together for many years before getting married. A few months before the wedding, Yolanda was diagnosed with cancer, and the wedding was almost postponed due to her diagnosis and complications. Two of Yolanda’s best friends (and bridesmaids) were also diagnosed with cancer in a similar timeframe, which while tragic, made Yolanda going through treatments and surgeries not as hard. The day itself, was EPIC, a true production. With two professional musicians flown in, as well as an out-of-state photographer/videographer, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, that works with Kevin Hart and Gabrielle Union. They also had lounge furniture, and a late night food truck, among much more!

The Vendors.

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