Top Five Omaha Bars to hit On Your Post Wedding Party Bus

The ceremony is over, you’re all done with family pictures and your party bus is ready to go. Do you have a game plan? Do you know where to go and what bars are going to be cool with you dropping by with maybe 20 or so thirsty customers? Worry no more, we’ve got you covered.

5. Proof (Midtown Crossing)

Photo by Iwen Exposures

Proof is a whiskey bar. They do old world style cocktails and have an amazing selection of spirits. The staff is very knowledgeable and accommodating for your group. The mood is quiet and intimate, and the decor is classy gangster style. Some bonuses, they allow outside food for that afternoon snack and have free wi-fi.

4. Barrett’s Barleycorn Pub & Grill (Leavenworth)

Photo by Iwen Exposures

Barrett’s is a classic Omaha favorite. They have a great beer selection with a full staff ready to help you get your drink on. Also, they’re known for the excellent pub grub. Go hard, get yourself a philly or just snack on some curly fries. The choice is yours.

3. Scriptown Brewing Company (Blackstone)

Photo by Iwen Exposures

Does your crew love local craft beer? Are you looking to keep the rustic vibe going? Look no further, Scriptown Brewing Company is the spot! If your crew is huge, they just added a new party room, plenty of room out back on the patio too! Scriptown also carries cocktails and Noli’s Pizza is just a phone call away.

2. Crescent Moon Huber-Haus Hall (Blackstone)

Photo by Iwen Exposures

The Crescent Moon is probably the most fun you’ll have in a basement bar. Go straight to the back of the room and down the stair you’ll find a classic German beer hall. Big long tables for groups, and by request Das Boot. If you’re not familiar with Das Boot, it’s a glass boot filled to the top with frosty cold beer. Are you thirsty yet?

1. The Homy Inn (Saddle Creek)

Photography by Iwen Exposures

The Homy Inn takes our top spot on the list for a number of reasons. The top reason however, champagne on tap, you can even buy it by the pitcher. The decor is out of this world, parts of the ceiling are covered with serving trays, restaurant menus, beer cans and more. There’s pull-tab tickets and a jukebox. The staff is amazing, some of the bartenders have been with the bar for years. Cheers!

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