Should You Hire a Wedding Videographer?

Even before you got engaged, you had thoughts, ideas, and plans for how your wedding would look and feel. The venue, the details, the food- even the season- are all important decisions to help tell the unique story of your day. The ultimate goal is to have all of your unique personalities shine through every little detail. So much time, energy, effort, and emotion goes into planning a wedding. It’s a time of great excitement and a lot of choices. At times, it may seem as if there are too many choices. This is when we turn to our friends and co-workers and start asking for tips, advice, and recommendations.

Every married person on the planet has stories and experiences to share (both good and bad). They definitely have recommendations on what vendors to use or what should be added or eliminated from your budget. Every one of your friends had the best photographer or the best caterer in the world. A couple of them might have had the worst…When looking at your budget, certain things naturally gravitate towards the top. The venue is typically first. The dress, photographer, and caterer usually fall into line next. The bar and menu are discussed. The flowers are picked out. Wedding party attire, transportation, hotels…I think we are getting close. Then, at some point towards the end of the process…and I mean the point when everything has been decided and contracts are filed. Nights are finally restful again. You are actually starting to focus some of your energy on less important things like your job or finding a house. It’s at this point in the process when one of your friends tells you that you have to hire a videographer. You have too, she says. It is the most important thing. You’re kidding, right? The money is gone. No more budget. Can’t uncle Bob just camcord the ceremony?

Wedding videos bring the story of your day to life- in a way that simply isn’t possible with still photography. Just like with everything else, there are different styles and services of wedding videography available. It’s important to look at a lot of different examples to find the type of videography that matches your style.

1. Traditional Wedding Videography
Average price: $1500
Traditional wedding videos are informational and are typically a simple document of the day. Cameras are typically stabilized with tripods and are placed in multiple locations to get different views and perspective of the action. Edits are typically long and include the entire ceremony, speeches, dances, and other major wedding events. While this style might fit the bill perfectly for some brides and grooms, others find this style to be a tad bit outdated and a little on the boring side. This style might be perfect for the couple that just wants the entire day on video. A fantastic alternative to having a friend or family member film the day.

2. Cinematic Short Film
Average price: $2500
Modern storytelling techniques are utilized to tell an emotional, intimate, and graphically appealing story of your day. A typical short film is usually 4-10 minutes in length and is concisely edited to tell your unique story without including the entire ceremony, speeches, etc. Elements from these events are dispersed throughout the film to create a more engaging perspective of the wedding day. Elements of a speech or homily are typically used to create a narrative for the film. The best purveyors of this format will utilize a variety of camera support systems to create beautiful imagery of your day. These types of film are typically more artistic than traditional wedding videos and are more engaging for the viewer.

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3. Love Story
Average price: $2500
Love Stories are typically produced in the same format as cinematic short films and tell the unique story of the bride and groom- how they met, how they fell in love, etc. These films often combine artistically shot footage with interviews. A great venue for this style of storytelling is the wedding reception and is a great alternative to the traditional slide shows that contain family photographs of the bride and groom’s life.

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4. Same Day Edit
Average price: $3000
Same day edit is exactly as the name implies: videographers capture footage of your wedding day, edit it down to a viewable product, and then show that video at the reception. Same day edited films typically don’t have the same depth of footage as the cinematic short films because some footage has to be sacrificed due to time. The editing process is rushed, so the final product may not have the same impact as a carefully edited short film. Same day edits are typically the same price or more of a cinematic short film, so money might be better spent investing in the latter. A fantastic alternative to the same day edit is to show a love story at your reception.

Brides often say the one thing they regret about their wedding is not hiring a good videographer. Creatively shot and edited films tell the story of your day in a way that still photographs simply can’t do. A lot of thought goes into the venue, the season, the dress, the table settings… A good cinematic film brings all of those details to life and enables you to relive your wedding day again and again- anytime you want. Hiring a professional videographer whose vision matches your style is definitely worth working into your budget.

Photography: Iwen Exposures

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